MESA Use Case 2

Use Case #2: Packaging Sustainability for Consumer-Packaged Goods

Sustainability touches many different facets and areas of a company. Sustainability can range from improving product sustainability (e.g., material sourcing, formulation, design, disposal, recycling, etc.), supply chain (supplier, logistic & distribution, etc.), production (production process, energy, rework, internal logistics, assets, waste, disposal and recycling, packaging, etc.) to production assets (energy optimized assets, etc.) All have a major influence in the overall sustainability of a company.


As sustainability must be in the DNA of every company, the question is where to start and what is in it for everyone. The MESA Model begins with the right business objective. Based on the challenges outlined in this use case, the importance of focusing on what creates the biggest impact from results vs. time, complexity and investment is clear.

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