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Please complete this application form in order to request a new MESA Initiative (MI).  MIs establish the portfolio of prioritized projects, initiatives and deliverables of most strategic importance to industry and the MESA community. The form below helps the MESA leadership understand, prioritize, and implement such requests.  

Please refer to the “MESA’s Committee & Group Policies” document for details on requirements of Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Special Interest Group (SIG).

While the Originator does not need to be a MESA member, MESA membership is required for the Leader of an MI.  Additionally, per MESA bylaws, at least one MESA board member must participate within each committee (this requirement does not apply to sub-committees, working groups and SIGs). If a new committee chairperson is not serving on the International Board, they will become an ex-officio, non-voting Board Member at Large. MESA’s International Board or designated group must approve the establishment of any new group.

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  • Committee 
    A standing or permanent committee, with a continued existence, formed to do specific work on an ongoing basis. 

  • Sub-Committee 
    A subordinate committee composed of members appointed from an established committee that is formed to work on a specific task or area of responsibility for a specified time period. The parent committee will oversee the sub-committee. 

  •  Working Group 
    A group that must produce deliverables such as white papers, guidebooks, webcasts, etc. They may be in existence for a specified amount of time, or remain active as long as the members are working on deliverables related to the group’s charter. The International Board or Executive Committee will designate a Committee or Sub-Committee to oversee each Working Group. 

  • Special Interest Group (SIG) 
     A community with an interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge or learning where group members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field or region. There is no intellectual property publishing requirement for a Special Interest Group. The International Board or Executive Committee will designate a group to oversee each SIG. 

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