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MESA Smart Manufacturing Community Group Facilitator

Responsibilities of the Facilitator

  • Keep the discussion going and non-commercial during the online community meetings for your Group (every ~8 weeks)
  • Set the topic for each session – often based on discussion points from the previous session or with a sponsor or other facilitator
  • Update the slide deck for each session – ideally including one data point about the topic to get participants’ ideas going for the Community discussion
  • Participate in facilitator update and alignment meetings every two weeks

Time Commitment – total for 12 months for one Group: 39-40 hours

  • 1-hour session about 7 times during the year 1 hour/session = 7 hours – Wednesdays at 11 am Eastern time, 17:00 Central European Time
  • Or create a session at a different time/day that will work for Asia/Pacific – frequency TBD or included in the Americas rotation
  • Set the topic and develop slide deck with data point 1 hour/session = 7 hours
  • Facilitator meeting participation 15-30 minutes/every two weeks = 12 hours
  • Post-meeting note on the LinkedIn group about each meeting 10 minutes/session = 1+ hour (pre-meeting note optional)
  • Annual year-in-review meeting preparation and participation = 2 hours

Compensation (if possible/desired):

  • Facilitators receive $250 per session they prepare and facilitate
  • Those who cannot accept payment will also be welcome

Select a Group to Facilitate:

  • Smart Connected Supply Chain
  • Digital Thread/Digital Twin
  • OR create a Community Group Call in an Asia/Pacific friendly time zone on any/all topics

Note: additional topics are Manufacturing Operations Software and Smart Connected Factory, for which we have Facilitators in the Americas time zone listed above.

To apply or for more information, contact Julie Fraser, Lead Facilitator, at

About the MESA Smart Manufacturing Community

The Smart Manufacturing Community is the place to find and contribute unbiased information on how to accelerate progress toward Smart Manufacturing. We offer safe, worldwide, non-commercial virtual calls and research to help you learn from peers and experts.

Participate in the Community and get in on pivotal discussions that will guide your decision-making. You will gain a much more extensive, more diverse, and more experienced understanding that is hard to find on your own. Participants gain access to answers and new ideas from peers and subject matter experts and benefit from our leading-edge best practices research.

Facilitated virtual meetings are held every two weeks and rotate through the four groups. In meetings, participants discuss their learnings, questions, concerns, and successes in a safe, non-commercial environment. MESA invites participants to all sessions and can choose which Groups and topics they wish to attend.

Learn more about the community here:

Additional Info

Location : Remote

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