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Cimlogic Ltd.

Cimlogic Ltd.

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Vendor categories : Consultant, Software Provider, Systems Integrator

What sets your company apart from the competition? : Cimlogic understand the challenges on your digital manufacturing journey, from the foundations of operational technology to a connected supply chain and predictive manufacturing. Aiming for a fully integrated smart factory and Industry 4.0 technologies? Start from where you are today …

Cimlogic’s unique client centric methodology, RAISE™, creates a digital transformation roadmap for your business, enabling a structured approach encompassing people, process and technology solutions, to address the challenges of all stakeholders and add value at every stage.

Regions Served : Americas, Europe

Number of Employees : 1-99

Software categories : BAM/BPM - Business activity monitoring/business process management, Data Historian / Operations data management, HMI/SCADA - Human-Machine Interface / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, MES/MOM - Manufacturing Execution System / Manufacturing Operations Management, MI / OPM - Manufacturing intelligence / operations performance management, OI - Operations Intelligence, QMS/EDMS - Quality Management System / Electronic Document Management System, SCM - Supply Chain Management

About : Cimlogic offer complete digital manufacturing solutions and services: improving efficiency and maximising productivity, whilst ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI. We connect your operations, harnessing the power of your data to enable insightful decision-making with manufacturing analytics.

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