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Press Release: MESA International Announces Comprehensive Update to Certificate Training Program for Manufacturing Industry

CHANDLER, AZ, September 19, 2022 - MESA announces that its MES/MOM* Methodologies Certificate of Competency (CoC) has had a recent update of the content to reflect today’s manufacturing practices. While the program has had ongoing continuous improvements throughout the years, this latest update reflects a more comprehensive modernization with changes such as:

  • The addition of a specific Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 course that includes a wide range of advanced technologies and explains how MES/MOM forms the foundation for leveraging these technologies successfully.
  • The foundational course about standards offers a more explicit focus on MES/MOM and is up to date with the latest versions of relevant standards.
  • A larger focus on “manufacturing maturity” as a fact-based approach for creating roadmaps toward a future improved situation outlining the assessment, analysis and leading to a plan for improvement.
  • The addition of a course dedicated to Manufacturing Master Data Management as this knowledge is required to form an adequate response to the increasing dynamics of the demand for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.
  • The addition of a MOM Solution Deployment course, which replaces the old Project Management course.
  • The inclusion of more pragmatic examples throughout all courses, including practical answers to the “How to…” questions so many practitioners are working to find answers for.

“This is a long-awaited update to our training materials. Manufacturing technology professionals will find the education very valuable. Thank you to our subject matter experts Jan Snoeij, Michel Devos and Gerard Ipskamp, as well as our peer reviewers, for bringing these updates together,” stated Khris Kammer, MESA’s Knowledge Committee Chair who provides oversight of the education program.

The MES/MOM Methodologies Certificate of Competency (CoC) is part of MESA International’s independent global education program developed for the worldwide manufacturing community. The certificate was created to educate and build knowledge and awareness of MES/MOM solutions, which are essential for advancing to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. Learn more about the updated program here.

*MES/MOM – Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management

About MESA International
MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International is a global, not-for-profit community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders and solution providers who are focused on improving Operations Management capabilities through the effective application of Information Technologies, IT-based solutions, and best practices. To accomplish this, we:

  • Enable members to connect, contribute, cultivate understanding, and exchange strategies to drive operations excellence.
  • Collect, share, and publish best practices and guidance to drive greater productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing enterprise.
  • Educate the marketplace on manufacturing operations best practices through the MESA Global Education Program.

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