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When manufacturing meets IT, MES&MOM competency certificates is held in Suzhou

From April 27th to 29th, 2023, in accordance with the established plan released by MESA International, CIWAY Consulting successfully held the MES/MOM Methodology CoA Certificates activity for the first MESA GEP project of this year at the "Sitting-Forgetting Book House" in Suzhou Industrial Park. The 3-days event was taught and tutored by Julian Zhu, the MAI of MESA International, to pass on the recognized professional methodology, system development, and application practical knowledge of globally renowned system vendors and manufacturers gathered by MESA International. The participants in this study are professional trainees from well-known system service providers and manufacturing enterprises in China, such as China Electronics, FANUC Beijing, Shanghai e-Quality, WM Motors, and Guangdong Zhida. Read more here.

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